Welcome to AlliGezond - Allicinhealth for human, animals and plants. 

The webshop of AllicinMedic 


You will find unique products with patented allisure® extract; the only really effective allicin.

Allicin is the active ingredient from garlic with its many health-promoting properties.

No garlic smell after taking the capsules! 

Effective with Worlds only stabilised allicin!


Do you have questions? Mail to info@allicinmedic.com


As an extra service, we have expanded the products. You can also order the following supplements from us.

Neem, ADP Oregan Oil, Berberol Forte, IPS, Capricin, Curcum Rx and ADEK Mulsion

Allicin for animals and plants http://allicine.shop/

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