AlliGezond is the webshop of AllicinMedic; the EU address of allisure®allicin products

AllicinMedic supplies effective 100% allisure®allicin. The result of a patented process and this guarantees the quality of the allicin, the one and only stabilized allicin! Very effective and no garlic smell when taken! This allows it to distinguish itself from other garlic alllcine preparations. Unique in the world!

We proudly present renowned brands such as Allimed® and AllicinMax™; 2018 National Best Supplement Winner Award.

AllicinMedic also supplies the highest concentration of allicin in powder and liquid form, especially for animals and plants.

In addition to all our allicin products, you can also contact us for the highest quality therapeutic supplements available in the European market with the brands; Biotics Research, SymbioPharm, Natural Immunogenics, Biocean Science & Nutrition, Lab Miqael Y Garriga, Energetica Natura.


We offer no-obligation professional guidance during the use of all our products.

For questions and/or advice, please email We are happy to help you.

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