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You will find unique products with patented allisure® extract; worlds only stabilised allicin. Also allicin with very high ppm specially for animals. 

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As extra service, we have expanded the products. You can also order the following supplements from us. Neem, ADP Oregan Oil, Berberol Forte, IPS, Capricin, Curcum Rx and ADEK Mulsion. For other Biotics Research supplements, please contact us. We will help you!


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  • AllicinMax™ 90 capsules National 'Best Supplement Award 2018'
    AllicinMax™ 90 capsules National 'Best Supplement Award 2018'

    ALLICINMAX® is a supplement to provide 100% stabilised allicin, extracted from fresh garlic. Locks all its goodness into easy to swallow capsules designed for rapid absorption into your body.

    € 39,78
  • AllicinMax™  Immune 60 capsules
    AllicinMax™ Immune 60 capsules

    ALLICINMAX® IMMUNE provides Vitamin C and Zinc with Allicin and Beta Glucan.

    € 35,69
  • Prepro™ 60 capsules
    Prepro™ 60 capsules

    Prepro™ powered capsules contain;

    ∙ 200mg of Allisure®Allicin
    ∙ 175mg Protexin (5 strain bacteria)
    ∙ 75 mg Lipase digestive enzyme.

    Prepro™ contains the following bacteria species:

    ∙ Lactobacillus Plantarum

    € 34,29
  • Heartfast™ 60 capsules
    Heartfast™ 60 capsules

    ALLIMAX® HEARTFAST™ is a combination of ALLISURE® allicin powder, omega 3 and 6 (from linseed), L arginine and cayenne pepper.

    ALLIMAX® HEARTFAST™ EPA and DHA contribute to normal function of the heart.

    € 39,65
  • Lesterol® 90 capsules
    Lesterol® 90 capsules

    Lesterol® contains beta-sitosterol and stabilized Allicin.

    ∙ Help to maintain normal choleserol levels
    ∙ Immune system support (especially during stress)
    ∙ Relieves allergies
    ∙ Reduces cancer risk (prostate, breast,…

    € 34,17
  • Allimed® 50 capsules
    Allimed® 50 capsules

    1 Allimed capsule contains allisure allicine, 100% stabilized allicin

    Order with reason of intake. For advice on dosage, please contact us,

    € 39,12
  • Allimed® 100 capsules
    Allimed® 100 capsules

    Allimed capsule contains allisure® allicine, 100% stabilized allicin

    Order with reason of intake. For advice on dosage, please contact us,

    € 69,92
  • Allimed® spray 30ml
    Allimed® spray 30ml

    Made with 100% allisure®allicin

    Ingredients: water and allicin liquid

    Free from artificial, flavours, wheat, soy, dairy, gluten, nuts and preservatives

    Store in fridge

    € 29,79
  • Allimed® liquid 250ml
    Allimed® liquid 250ml

    The strongest stabilised allicin, made with 100% allisure®allicin

    Very high concentrated

    For many purposes

    Use it both internally and externally

    Contains: aqua and allicin liquidum

    Store in fridge

    Free drop bottle


    € 79,83
  • Alliderm™ gel 30ml
    Alliderm™ gel 30ml

    Alliderm™ gel is for topical application (skin surface) and a soothing and beneficial way of delivering allicin to where it is needed most.

    The gel has a very pleasant aroma and is not at all sticky or messy.

    Alliderm™ gel…

    € 25,38
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